3+3 Political Science and Law Program (with Western New England University)

Build the foundation for your law career

USJ’s Pre-Law program facilitates both admission and success in law school.

A range of programs, at the University of Saint Joseph, provides an excellent background for the student planning to enter the profession of law. The study and practice of law has such breadth and variety that almost no undergraduate field can be excluded as unsuitable. Some courses in the Social Sciences, those that develop skills in the analysis of texts and in expository writing, and basic courses in Logic and Mathematics are clearly beneficial to the student.

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As a Pre-Law Student, You Will Benefit From:

  • A stimulating course of study that combines with one of 25+ established B.A. programs, such as English, History, Social Work, Spanish, Psychology, the Humanities, Special Education and many more.
  • Thorough preparation with a plan of study particularly suitable for law school.
  • 3+3 program with Western New England University School of Law, which allows students with high academic averages to complete undergraduate requirements in only three years and begin law school in their fourth year of study. Political Science majors may complete up to nine credits of work toward the major in completing their first year of law school rather than simple counting the first year of law school as just free electives here at USJ.  Students interested in the 3 + 3 should seek advisement from the USJ Pre-Law Advisor.

Program Advantages

  • Preparation for LSAT and the law school application process
  • Strong alumni network and Pre-law Society, which hosts special events with alumni
  • High record of placement in law schools
  • Internship opportunities in area law firms, government agencies, business legal departments, and community and civic organizations
  • Vast career opportunities as practicing attorneys-at-law, as well as in education or business, public, court, or not-for-profit administration
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