Dance at USJ

Integrate Dance into your major — and step (gracefully) into your future

USJ’s dance department will show you how dance can be a lasting part of your life & career.

As a dance minor, you will participate in on-stage performances, master classes, independent studies, and internship opportunities. Best of all: the minor includes participation in the University of Saint Joseph Dance Ensemble.

USJ Dance Ensemble

Love to dance? So do we! Dance has been an important part of the USJ community since the beginning.

All students interested in keeping their passion for dance alive are invited to participate in the USJ Dance Ensemble. As an ensemble member and a dance minor, you will:

  • Learn a wide variety of dance genres and styles
  • Work with faculty, visiting artist, and other students
  • Stretch your skills & share your talent through dance & choreography

The USJ Dance Ensemble includes a dance team (that performs at athletic events) and a performance-based ensemble. Key events & opportunities include:

  • 5x5 Dance Festival the state’s largest and longest-running dance festival, featuring choreography from statewide college dance departments and area professionals
  • Annual USJ Dance Ensemble performance — a University favorite!
  • Use your love of dance to help others: Student teaching opportunities include: autism spectrum disorder dance classes, outreach dance classes in the K-12 schools
  • Learn from professional dancers and choreographers from around the world who perform at the Carol Autorino Arts Center


Susan Murphy
Department of Culture, Arts and Languages
[email protected]

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