Music, Minor

Play up your talents as a USJ music student

Music study at USJ augments the liberal arts education, providing you with an opportunity for both classroom and performance experiences in the musical arts.

USJ’s music courses will contribute to a greater understanding of cultures, both past and present, through the arts. There are a variety of courses offered that include history, literature and theory, as well as applied music courses.


  • Many Music courses meet general education and writing requirements.
  • Vocal and instrumental ensembles perform both on and off campus and enable the development of interpersonal skills through group activities and projects.
  • Private instruction is offered in voice, piano, guitar, and performance ensembles including the USJ Choir and Instrumental Ensemble.
  • A minor in Music is an option for USJ students.
  • All academic and applied music is contained in the scope of the Fine and Performing Arts Department.


Diana Valencia, Ph.D.
Chair, Culture, Arts and Languages
[email protected]

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