Public Policy and Advocacy, B.A.

An innovative, ground-breaking interdisciplinary major in Public Policy and Advocacy offers great profession prospects in high-demand fields

With academic concentrations in "service and activism" or "Conservatorship/Guardianship," you have an opportunity to earn an undergraduate degree and decide on the career path that's best for you.

The new B.A. program in Public Policy and Advocacy is an interdisciplinary Social Science major focusing upon public and community affairs.

The major appeals to a wide range of students, especially those interested in policy analysis, community advocacy, political activism, public administration, journalism, conventional and social entrepreneurship, guardianship and conservatorship, and pre-law.

Paving the Way to Exciting and Successful Futures:

Students in this major can pursue many different goals with this course of study: a lucrative career as a conservator and guardian immediately after graduation; preparation for work in fields related to activism, policy analysis and advocacy, government and business employment; and preparation for programs of graduate study in the Social Sciences, Public or Business Administration; Public Policy; or Law among others.

Concentrations: Public Law/Conservatorship and Service & Activism

The program offers two concentrations. The Public Law/Conservatorship concentration appeals to those interested in law school and those interested in a career as a court appointed conservator and guardian, which involves financial planning for elderly people and is one of the few well- paying fields for which there is a dramatic shortage of qualified applicants. The Service and Activism concentration appeals to majors whose future work will, in various ways, involve leadership in public and community affairs.

Course of Study: Core, Internship, and Concentration

The interdisciplinary foundational core of required courses is 21 credits; view the courses in our online catalog.

The two concentrations each offer a wide array of course options (e.g., courses in policy analysis, leadership, social issues, etc.) requiring a total of 18 credits beyond the core,including a credit bearing internship. As part of these 18 credits, students in the Public Law/Conservatorship concentration complete a three credit internship relevant to their interests, and students in the Service and Activism concentration complete a six credit internship relevant to theirs.


For more information about the program, including how to tailor the program to your individual goals and plans, contact Professor Ken Long.

Phone: 860.231.5766
Email: [email protected]

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