Health Science (General), B.S.

From rigorous coursework to valuable internships, a degree in Health Science prepares students for success in elite graduate schools, and a competitive job market

Our interdisciplinary health science program ensures graduates gain the skills necessary to enter a variety of allied health fields upon graduation or apply to master’s and doctoral degree programs.

The Health Science major offers students the option to study the science of health from an interdisciplinary perspective that prepares them for non-clinical entry-level positions in various aspects of health care and the insurance industry.

Academic Map Program Curriculum

Please use this academic map as a reference guide. Academic advisors are always available to discuss the required courses depending on each student’s needs.

Why Pursue a B.S. in Health Science?

A Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Health Science is the right program for you if you’re seeking a science-focused major that allows you to explore your curiosity in multiple fields of study. Those with a passion for human health and well-being will find room to grow and explore as a health sciences major. Our program develops a strong foundational knowledge of the core concepts required in most medical-related jobs, and students finish the program fully prepared for fulfilling careers in healthcare or further graduate study.


Internships & Career Opportunities

Undergraduate research and internship opportunities: Hartford Hospital, Saint Francis Hospital, United Healthcare, Travelers, The Hartford, and more. Graduates of USJ’s Health Science program have the knowledge necessary to serve in numerous facets of the health care field, including health care education, health care coordination, health care communication, marketing assistant in insurance companies, non-profit organizations, and hospitals.


USJ’s innovative Health Science program offers several tracks for students pursuing a career in the health care field: General, Direct-Entry Physician Assistant (PA), and Direct-Entry Pharmacy (Pharm.D). The 3+3 graduate PA and Pharm. D programs prepare students for success while those interested in non-clinical, health-related professions select the general track to gain the background they need to thrive in their field.

Clubs & Organizations

Pre-Health Professions Club | Pre-Pharmacy Club | Public Health Society

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Lisa Fanelli, OTD/OTR/L
Program Director Health Science
Phone: 860.231.5752
Email: [email protected]

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