Combined Nutrition, M.S. (Online) & Dietetic Internship Certificate

Enhance your knowledge in Nutrition & Dietetics with convenient online learning

Gain practical experience while you prepare to become a registered dietitian.

The combined MS/DI provides in-depth knowledge and skills in areas required to meet current health and wellness needs while allowing the students to enroll in the Masters in Nutrition program and Dietetic Internship simultaneously.

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Student Handbook Program Curriculum

About the Program

USJ is pleased to offer accepted dietetic interns the option to simultaneously complete our online M.S. in Nutrition during the dietetic internship. This program is open to students with a Bachelor’s from an accredited university who meet the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) requirements and have already been accepted into the USJ dietetic internship program.

This would entail starting coursework the summer before your internship starts, taking one or two courses during the fall and spring semester of your internship and completing the degree during the next summer. Earning the dietetic internship verification does not require that you enroll in any classes. The M.S. would be done alongside the dietetic internship. An intern would earn the verification in May as long as all aspects for the internship were successfully fulfilled.

Students who are matched to the USJ dietetic internship automatically meet the requirements for admission to the USJ Masters in Nutrition and receive an acceptance letter. At this point you have the option to complete the internship and do not take M.S. courses at this time. Or, choose the new combined option and complete the dietetic internship and the M.S. together.

If you wish to do the combined MS/DI option, as soon as you hear you are matched to the USJ Dietetic Internship you will need to fill out a separate online graduate application form to confirm with the graduate school this is the chosen option. Classes for this option begin in May.

For more information, please contact Dr. Melissa Brown, RD, [email protected], 860.231.5262.

Plan of Study

Summer One

3 grad online courses (9 credits)

  • NUTR 594.91: Research Methods,
  • BIOL 503.91: Biometry,
  • NUTR 505.91: Survey of chronic diseases*


  • NUTR 550: Internship (9 credits-DI)
  • NUTR 595.91: Independent study (3 credits)


  • NUTR 551: Internship (9 credits-DI)
  • NUTR 596.91: Independent Project (3 credits)
  • Elective (3 credits)

Summer Two

  • Electives one or two (3-6 credit)

Total credits: 30 credits

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