Marriage & Family Therapy, M.A.

Make a Difference as a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT)

Receive training and supervision to provide mental health treatment to diverse populations of individuals, couples, and families from a relational, systemic perspective.

The mission of the Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) Program at USJ is to prepare students to provide mental health treatment to diverse populations of individuals, couples, and families from a relational, systemic perspective. The MFT Program mission is realized by training students to implement ethically competent, theory-driven approaches while enhancing multi-cultural awareness. Training and supervision occur in a student-centered environment where students are encouraged to explore the influence of personal challenges, biases, and experiences on their clinical practice.

Program Facts


Program Outcomes

  • You will gain an understanding and clinical application of major theoretical approaches specific to MFT
  • You will gain competency in evaluating and applying current MFT research
  • You will integrate a contextual awareness into clinical practice with diverse clients
  • You will gain an awareness of “self” as it applies to your clinical practice
  • You will gain an understanding of ethically competent clinical practice by adhering to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT) Code of ethics
  • You will meet the academic requirements to be eligible for licensure as an MFT in Connecticut


  • Emphasizes a broad blend of theoretical knowledge and therapeutic approaches
  • Uses the “General Systems” paradigm as the basic orientation
  • Includes 12 consecutive months (3 semesters/300 hours) of clinical internship
  • Offers a Certificate of Completion for training in Evidence-Based Practice issued by Wheeler Clinic, funded by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families
  • Includes certification as a PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator to work with couples in therapy
  • Is nationally accredited through May 20, 2022 by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE)
  • For more information please download the MFT Student Handbook

Internships and Student Learning Outcomes

Diversity Within the MFT Program

MFT Student and Graduate Accomplishments

As an MFT student, USJ gave me an opportunity to be the first intern at a pediatric office (The Pediatric Care Center) which not only allowed me to continue to work on my therapeutic skills but to work with doctors to move towards collaborative care. Collaborative care in this environment has worked to bridge the gap between medical and mental health services with the conjunction of my MFT education and the extensive knowledge from the doctors from the medical standpoint. This internship has been proven to be successful for both my clients and I and has resulted in a post-graduate position for which I am incredibly grateful and excited!

– Megan Squadrito, LFMT, M’18
MFT Maria Munoz receiving the Kay Britton Award

The 2017-2018 Kay Britton Award for exceptional academic and clinical performance was awarded to Maria Munoz at the Department’s Hooding Ceremony on May 8, 2018. Maria demonstrates authenticity and genuineness that matches her passion for the MFT field.

Congratulations to Michael Roohr M’19 for his acceptance to the 2018 AAMFT Annual Conference where he will be presenting, “Autism and the Family: A Solution-Focused Approach” workshop based on Roohr’s internship at the Hospital for Special Care — Autism Center in CT.



COAMFTE Accreditation

COAMFTE Student Achievement Criteria Data

  • Marriage and Family Therapy Program
  • Accredited August 7, 1989 – May 20, 2022
  • Advertised length of Program Completion: 2.5 years
Cohort Year Students Entered Program*# of Students in ProgramAdvertised Graduation Rate (%)**Maximum Graduation Rate (%)***Job Placement Rate (%)****National Exam Pass Rate (%)*****
2016-20171070%70%100%N/A* (No Students reporting pursuing licensure)
2019-20201070% 70%* 100%100%
2020-202113In ProcessIn ProcessIn ProcessIn Process* None reporting yet
2021-202226In ProcessIn ProcessIn ProcessIn Process

*Still in progress

Programs are only required to provide data on the past 10 years/cohort or since the program was initially accredited, whichever is shorter.

*Programs should report graduation rates for program’s Advertised Length of Completion. The Advertised Length of Completion is how long the program is designed to complete as written.

**Programs can enter graduation rates for ‘s Maximum Length of Completion which is the maximum allowable time in which a student could finish the program.

***Masters and Doctoral programs are required to provide this information. Job Placement Rates by cohort is defined as the percentage of graduates from the cohort year listed that are employed utilizing skills learned in the COAMFTE accredited program. Job Placement rates are calculated using the following data:

0 # of graduates that reported their employment status to the program

0 # of graduates, who entered in the year listed, that are employed utilizing skills learned in the COAMFTE accredited program

****Master programs are required to provide this information. Doctoral and Post-Degree programs are encouraged to share this with the public. For Master’s programs only, COAMFTE has established a benchmark of 70% pass rate for each cohort. Programs in California can use the California Law of Ethics exam for MFTs to meet this requirement.



Karen Giunta, LMFT
Visiting Assistant Professor
Program Director, Marriage and Family Therapy
Email: [email protected]

Patrick Nickoletti, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Chair, Psychology, Family & Justice Studies
Phone: 860.231.5313
Email:  [email protected]

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