About the Doctor of Pharmacy Program at USJ

Our Pharmacy Program offers students distinctive advantages

While most Doctor of Pharmacy programs follow a four-year plan of study, ours is completed in three calendar years — moving you into the workforce a full year earlier.

USJ’s three-year distinctive and innovative modified-block curriculum has a proven record of success; its format will increase your ability to master the material in a team-based learning environment, while also providing an experiential education that prepares graduates for a variety of career paths including community pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, industry, and research.

Ours is a tight-knit community that encourages student engagement and lifelong learning. Faculty and staff provide a supportive and student-centered environment, facilitating success in becoming a practice-ready health care provider. The integrated curriculum fosters a strong sense of responsibility to the health and well-being of society. We are committed to developing competent and compassionate pharmacists who will advance the pharmacists’ patient care process.

Accreditation Mission & Goals

What Makes USJ’s Pharmacy Program Stand Out?

  • Small class sizes and high faculty to student ratios with an open-door policy
  • An impressively diverse student body, faculty, and staff and a global professional network
  • Three calendar year modified-block curriculum – you and your classmates move through the program as a cohort, studying one course at a time and mastering the subject material
  • Experiential education woven into the entire curriculum
  • Students, faculty and staff are actively involved in service to the community
  • History of nationally recognized student research and scholarship


The University of Saint Joseph School of Pharmacy and Physician Assistant Studies’ Doctor of Pharmacy program is accredited by:

The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education
190 S. LaSalle Street
Suite 2850
Chicago, IL 60603
Phone: 312.664.3375
Fax: 312.664.4652
Website: www.acpe-accredit.org

The University of Saint Joseph is fully accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) and the School of Pharmacy and Physician Assistant Studies was included in that accreditation in 2013.

The School of Pharmacy and Physician Assistant Studies is fully accredited by the state of Connecticut.

Program Quality Indicators

Meet The Dean

Dr. Abdelmageed was most recently Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice and the Assistant Dean of Experiential Education and Community Engagement, Manchester University College of Pharmacy, Natural and Health Sciences in Fort Wayne, Ind. before joining USJ in Spring 2021.

What drew me here is how USJ lives its mission and core values. The focus on the development of the whole person is palpable, pride in service is admirable and diversity is visible. Everyone has been extremely hospitable, and I am excited to be the latest member of the USJ family.

-Dr. Abdelmageed

Mission and Goals

The program provides a firm foundation in biomedical, pharmaceutical, socio-behavioral, clinical science, and lifelong learning skills, resulting in pharmacy practitioners who are committed to providing quality pharmacist-delivered patient care and advancing the pharmacy profession.

The integrated curriculum fosters strong ethical values, intellectual curiosity, personal integrity, and sense of responsibility to the health and well being of society. The Doctor of Pharmacy program is committed to, and promotes the emergence of, competent and compassionate pharmacists who will advance various pharmacy practice models, engage in community service, and foster the advancement of research and scholarship.


To provide exemplary Pharmacy education to a diverse and qualified student population possessing high leadership potential. The School fosters creation of new knowledge and strong ethical values in the development of competent, compassionate pharmacists dedicated to superior patient care and service to their communities.


The goals of the program will be achieved through four mission-driven areas of focus:

  • Education leading to a solid understanding of the basis of disease states and the professional practice of pharmacy, by:
    • Attracting qualified, diverse students to be leaders in pharmacy
    • Providing meaningful educational experiences designed to impart the requisite skills, knowledge, and values needed for the successful pursuit of careers in the pharmacy profession
    • Fostering the development of critical thinking
    • Instilling in graduates a desire for lifelong learning and a commitment to provide solutions in a constantly changing health care environment
  • Scholarship leading to the ability to create and share new knowledge by the School’s faculty, students, and graduates, by:
    • Attracting competent faculty and staff who are dedicated to innovative teaching methods, mentoring of students, and involvement in practice and community service
    • Providing ample support for the orientation to a new pedagogy and development of outstanding faculty mentors and leaders
    • Creating a scholarly community that rewards academic and professional excellence
    • Fostering collegiality
    • Promoting scholarly activities and other creative endeavors to support the academic enterprise
  • Patient Care leading to the provision of pharmacist-delivered patient care and medication therapy management services based on the application of the students’ education and scholarship abilities, by:
    • Attracting faculty with strong commitment to patient care to serve as preceptors and mentors
    • Expanding practice opportunities through creative application of new knowledge
    • Preparing graduates who can deliver patient-centered care
    • Promoting public health through patient care and advocacy
  • Community Service leading to the active engagement of the members of the community in the world around them, by:
    • Requiring community service as part of the professional curriculum
    • Fostering the growth and development of student organizations within the School to fulfill their service mission
    • Collaborating with existing University programs and their endeavors
    • Developing novel service activities relevant to the school’s mission
    • Exploring the development of international service sites


Esteban Fallas, PharmD Candidate
Anticipated Graduation: 2023

My life has undergone many changes, but going back to school has been the most significant to me. Although it had been more than five years since the last time I was in school, my ambition was stronger than my fears. The tunnel vision I brought into pharmacy school has proven that risks are just another part of the life you really want. (USJ is very accepting and encouraging for everyone as long as you show them you have what it takes) Within my pharmacy career here at USJ, I have been intensively involved in many organizations, including being the president of Phi Lambda Signa, one of the executive board members of the Connecticut Pharmacists Association as the student liaison, and the event coordinator for our student government organization. In addition, I currently work as a medication history tech at Yale-New Haven Hospital. (All of these opportunities were directly provided to us by USJ) In these leadership positions and experiences, I gained invaluable skills, including critical thinking, time management techniques, and collaboration skills, all of which will help me become a successful pharmacist.  

In 5 years, I aim to be a successful bilingual pharmacist. I want to offer meaningful services to patients who may face the challenges I once faced. By becoming more involved within our unprivileged communities, my goal is to use my privilege and expertise to make a difference in every patient’s life. To achieve this, I hope to complete a PGY1 and PGY2 residency program within the State of Connecticut and actively work as a board-certified ambulatory care pharmacist. I firmly believe nothing will be as fulfilling as developing lasting patient relationships and becoming someone my community knows they can count on and trust in times of need. I also see myself serving as a mentor and preceptor to pharmacy students within the state. 

Calvin Metellus, PharmD Candidate P1
Anticipated Graduation: 2023

I decided to go to pharmacy school because I have a passion for understanding the biology behind medication while having a passion for helping and communicating with those in need. I choose USJ because I felt that the class size and sense of unity amongst the faculty could create and enhanced the best foundation to mold a student into a true pharmaceutical professional. Currently, I am a member of Kappa Psi, NCPA & ASHP, and have participated in school projects such as Kappa Psi’s Homes for the Brave Collection to bring awareness and gather necessities for our veterans in need. In addition, I am looking to expand my role here at USJ as I now look to take positional roles within our student organizations. My best advice for someone considering pharmacy as a career is that if you have a passion for medical knowledge and also share a joy for helping people pharmacy is the path for you!

Francesca Amici, PharmD Candidate P2

I went to Pharmacy school because of my fascination with the idea that a chemical (drug) can produce such profound effects on the body. This increasing curiosity led me to want to pursue a career in pharmacy to further this knowledge and to use this knowledge to help my future patients. I went to USJ as an undergraduate and had the pleasure of conducting a research project with Dr. Sweezy. This experience showed me the passion that the faculty have for teaching students and the ample one-on-one attention provided because of the smaller class size. These are just a couple of reasons that led me to choose USJ.

A couple of organizations I am apart of at USJ Pharmacy School are APhA and Rho Chi Honor Society. In APhA, I serve as an Rx Generation Co-Chair with my classmate, Melissa. We initiated some great projects such as a Narcan Training Event, Drug Take-Back events, and an informational Pharmacy talk for undergraduate students. Some advice I have for anyone considering Pharmacy as a career is to stay organized and to always stay ahead of assignments and studying.

Akhil Mathew, PharmD Candidate P2

A pharmacist’s role continues to expand over the years to optimize health outcomes by being the most accessible health care provider in the community. Pharmacy has always been of interest to me and was instilled at a young age by my father, who is a pharmacist. I would see him continue to be passionate about his profession and to be able to serve the community. I remember being a troublemaker when I was little so my mom would drop me off at my dad’s pharmacy while running errands. During these times I would see my dad interacting and providing care to many people. This would also extend outside the pharmacy as he would be thanked often. Seeing my dad make a difference in the community often made me see my dad as a superhero and is the reason why I chose to pursue this profession.

Fulfilling my dreams of pharmacy here at USJ SOP was an easy choice for me due to its class size, and the opportunities to get involved with the school and community. I am currently a part of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy and the National Community Pharmacists Association. Being a part of these two organizations has opened many opportunities and given me a chance to further develop my personal skills. Not to mention, the lifelong friendships I have built at USJ shaped me into the person I am today, and I am looking forward to creating more memories with my pharmacy family.

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