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Two Major Experiential Education Components

Explore this section to learn more about experiential education for USJ’s Doctor of Pharmacy program adjunct instructors. Experiential education is a key element of the Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum.

The Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE)

  • Begin in the very first semester
  • Offered concurrently with didactic classes to reinforce learning experience
  • Scheduled as one full day per week over a five-week period during the fall and spring semesters of the P1 and P2 years, and one four-week (40 hrs/wk) segment between the P1 and P2 years

The Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE)

  • Six, six-week APPEs occur during the final year of the curriculum
  • Integrate classroom knowledge, professional performance and professionalism
  • Ensure competency in the provision of patient care
  • Include four required rotations (one each in institutional/hospital practice, advanced community practice, ambulatory care and two elective rotations

Preceptor of the Year Awards

Each year, the USJ Doctor of Pharmacy Program hosts a Preceptor of the Year Award Ceremony to recognize two outstanding preceptors in the field. As experiential education professionals, pharmacist preceptors teach students practice-related skills necessary to provide quality pharmacist care. In addition to serving as teachers, pharmacist preceptors mentor student pharmacists, promoting personal and professional growth.

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Preceptor Spotlight: Past Award Recipients


  • Michele Moura, PharmD, Waterbury Hospital
  • Karen D’Arco, Beacon Prescriptions, New Britain, CT


  • Tera Falcetti, Pharm.D., BCPS, BCACP – Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center
  • Ellie Rodriguez, Pharm.D. – Stop and Shop Pharmacy
2018 Annual Pharmacy Preceptor Awards

Pictured here (left to right) are: Jennifer Luciano, PharmD, Director, Office of Experiential Education; Tera Falcetti (Honoree); Ellie Rodriguez (Honoree); Joseph R. Ofosu, Pharm.D., R.Ph., Professor and Dean of the USJ School of Pharmacy; Meghan Bauer, RPh Coordinator, Office of Experiential Education

More Info on Our 2018 Winners


  • Jon Blazawski, Pharm.D. – Hospital of Central Connecticut
  • Kristen Masood-Sidebottom, Pharm.D. – CVS, New London Turnpike, Glastonbury

Pictured here (left to right) are: Joseph R. Ofosu, Pharm.D., R.Ph., Professor and Dean of the USJ School of Pharmacy; Kristen Masood, Pharm.D. (honoree); Jon Blazawski, Pharm.D. (honoree); Jennifer Luciano, Pharm.D., Director of Experiential Education at the USJ School of Pharmacy; and James Henkel, Ph.D. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for the USJ School of Pharmacy.

More Info on Our 2017 Winners


  • SueGi Hwang, Pharm.D. – Bristol Hospital
  • Venkata Kamal Swami, R.Ph. – West Town Pharmacy

Pictured here (left to right) are: John Parisi, R.Ph., Pharm.BS., Director of Experiential Education at the USJ School of Pharmacy; Venkata Kamal Swami, R.Ph. (honoree); Joseph R. Ofosu, Pharm.D., R.Ph., Professor and Dean of the USJ School of Pharmacy; and SueGi Hwang, Pharm.D. (honoree).


  • Ginger Croxall, R.Ph. – Day Kimball Hospital
  • Edgar Albuja, R.Ph. – Cornell Scott Hill Health Center


  • Stephen Cofone, R.Ph. – Lawrence & Memorial Hospital
  • Jacqueline Murphy, R.Ph. – Hancock’s Pharmacy, New Haven


  • Bekim Jashanica, Pharm.D. – Griffin Hospital
  • Joseph Bordonaro Jr., R.P.h. – Bordonaro’s Pharmacy


  • Ted Gorham, R.Ph., MBA – Windham Hospital
  • Leslie Hosking Sexton, R.Ph., Pharm.D. – Price Chopper, Windsor

Preceptor Online Resources

About eValue

Healthcare education management software, eValue, facilitates learning and assessment in the experiential curriculum. eValue™ is a comprehensive web and PDA-based, pharmacy-specific, health care education solution. It provides pharmacy students, school administrators, faculty, and preceptors alike with the tools necessary to achieve success.

Evalue Features & Benefits:

Both IPPE and APPE students are afforded opportunity for significant and measurable improvement through use of the tools offered by eValue™. The USJ School of Pharmacy and Physician Assistant Studies uses eValue™ to:

  • Improve performance and organization of students and educators
  • Assess and monitor institutional effectiveness and outcomes
  • Prepare evidence for ACPE accreditation site visits
  • Manage sites and adjunct instructors (preceptors)
  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks
  • Create necessary artifacts for student portfolios

Adjunct instructors and students will be given a login and password to allow full integration of eValue™ and the USJ School of Pharmacy and Physician Assistant Studies.

Preceptor Requirements

  • Preceptors must be licensed pharmacists and in good standing.
  • Preceptors should be knowledgeable of and compliant with the material contained in the Preceptors and Students Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE) Manual.
  • Preceptors are expected to instill and demonstrate principles of professionalism and ethics.
  • Preceptors are expected to be respectful of fellow practitioners and allied health professionals, in as much as the preceptor is a role model to the student.
  • Preceptors are responsible for communicating student expectations regarding performance, appearance, attitude, and method of practice.
  • Preceptors are responsible for scheduling an orientation session with their student(s).
  • Preceptors are responsible for identifying an acceptable replacement to supervise students during absences.
  • Preceptors are responsible for fostering an environment of mutual learning.
  • Preceptors should not assume student competency but determine it by reviewing the student’s performance through discussions and observation.
  • Preceptors are responsible for reviewing student progress at regular intervals during the experience and sharing their observations with the students.
  • Preceptors are expected to provide constructive criticism that is conveyed in private and in an appropriate manner.
  • Preceptors should inform students of any areas requiring improvement as early as possible.
  • Preceptors are responsible for submitting a midpoint and final assessment by the prescribed due date.
  • Preceptors are responsible for verifying the intern hours completed by each student to the USJ School of Pharmacy.
  • Preceptors are responsible for verifying student attainment of required rotation outcomes.

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