USJ supports hands-on learning in the classroom with laboratory facilities that replicate real-world experience in the classroom.

Pharmacy Teaching Lab

This lab allows students to learn the skills needed for both prescription compounding and dispensing of pharmaceutical products. Included in this space is a Sterile Products Room where students practice IV production, as well as a mock pharmacy where both prescription and over-the-counter products are stored for dispensing. The lab is also used to simulate client patient encounters, which allows students to practice counseling patients on the use of prescription medications and devices.

Physician Assistant Studies Lab

This lab is an 11,000 square-foot space with fully-equipped patient examination bays designed to simulate a clinical setting. Opportunities for physical examinations, interpretation of diagnostic tests, procedural skills, and medical-decision making prepare students for the practice of medicine as a PA.

Nursing Education & Simulation Center

This lab is a combination classroom, clinical practice area, and study space, and provides a high-quality simulation-based health care education. The unit includes a full array of medical technology such as an electronic medication system, a Pyxis machine for dispensing medications, and high-fidelity manikins that enable students to practice a broad range of skills. More information here.

Counseling Lab Rooms

These labs allow students to practice their discipline in both small and large groups. The space includes a classroom with five breakout rooms equipped with video recording technology to practice and demonstrate counseling skills. The classroom is also equipped with a one-way window to the adjacent space, allowing students to observe their peers practicing group counseling.

Laboratory Schools

USJ has two laboratory schools. The Gengras Center serves elementary, middle, high school, and transition-aged students who have intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism, and related behavioral challenges. The School for Young Children, a nationally-accredited preschool, provides USJ students the opportunity to lean in a real-world setting through internships, observations, field studies and more.

Other Labs