Alexa St. Germain

I transferred to USJ in the Fall 2019 semester and found out quickly that it isn’t hard to get involved and find your place here outside of the classroom. When I received an email from Career Services encouraging me to explore the opportunities on campus, athletics immediately stood out as a possibility, as I’m a HUGE sports fan. In athletics, I wear many different hats, having assisted with just about every possible area of game day operations. I even assist with social media content for the athletic department. Although I’m studying health science, I’m still able to find opportunities in areas outside of my major, which I have found really cool.

Inside my major and the classroom, however, I really value the comfort level and the fact that you’re heard no matter what. The discussions are challenging but keep you open-minded. You feel your voice and needs are important, and you never feel like you’re simply a number in a seat. Professor Zaharek-Girgasky is a great example of this. She constantly checks in on a personal level to make sure you’re excelling both academically and professionally. She immediately made a personal connection by utilizing examples from her experiences in dietetics and ensured those concepts resonated with me.

All of this is to say that whether it be inside my major or outside my major, I’ve had so many cool and unique opportunities here to grow holistically. One of USJ’s core values is “Development of the Whole Person,” and it’s apparent the premium that the university places on accomplishing that. I know I’m going to leave here prepared to take on whatever life throws my way because of these opportunities, and I have USJ (and a bold decision to transfer) to thank for that.