Meet Brad Landry

Most, if not all, of my time so far at USJ has been in some way or another connected toward honing my professional skills. Whether it be in the classroom working with my classmates on a cohesive team trying to accomplish a task, in the dorms with the residents practicing our communication and community-building skills, in club meetings planning for campus events, or on the court competing against our opponents. Each of these facets of my daily life at USJ consist of a development of my professional skills. With the addition of the impact my professors, administrators, and the rest of the staff at school have on me, I feel as though I am always able to work on the essential skills for any workplace after graduating: communication, teamwork, empathy, determination, and responsibility.

But every day, USJ develops my skills in three key areas to help make me better-rounded. In the classroom, I am challenged to question, analyze, develop, and absorb — all the capacities necessary in order to be a successful student. I have always loved seminar-styled classroom settings, and most of mine at USJ follow this format. Our small class sizes really help me form relationships with my professors that I don’t think most college students have access to. These relationships keep me honest. In clubs and work study programs, I am faced with new opportunities to connect with others, work on my social skills, and acquire professional skills that are essential for the workforce. As a student-athlete on the court, I test my limits and push through boundaries, a sequence of events that helps foster a strong mentality in all facets of life for the future. This trifecta of skill-building at USJ is consistent, and is something that makes USJ so special. At this school, everyone knows you, so you better be on your A-Game.

I came to USJ not knowing what to expect, but wanting to make an impact on the community as a member of the first class of incoming male students. I had no idea how accessible the school made it for students to develop their leadership skills, and I was so glad to jump into some great opportunities. USJ places a strong emphasis on leadership development, and I believe this is the only school that allows incoming freshman to work on leadership development. The opportunities to make your mark on this campus are endless — there is something for everyone.