Meet Krystine Oliveira

At the University of Saint Joseph, I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the Women in Leadership Professional Development Program and the Cook Scholars Program.

The Women in Leadership Professional Development Program allows sophomore students to begin developing their professional and business acumen. Throughout the program, students engage in round-table conversations about networking, interviewing, and leadership development. Keynote speakers are brought in from the community to speak on various topics to enhance the curriculum. Understanding the relevance of these topics is important for college students to develop as a leader and to make connections that can lead to success.

The program promoted LinkedIn to begin networking to make connections with students in the program. This program has really assisted me in becoming more strategic with my networking, which has already led to job opportunities and interviews within my major. Something as simple as creating a business card has been useful during interviews and conversations. All the skills learned culminated in me becoming more confident in pursuit of my personal and professional goals.

The Cook Scholars Program is an invitation-only program available to incoming freshmen in the English Department. It is held for a student’s first two years at USJ, where students take specific English classes for the Cook Scholar Program. The program develops critical thinking skills through reading, writing, and conversation. As a Cook Scholar, I have used my learned critical thinking skills in my nursing clinical rotations when providing care to patients. I thank the wonderful Cook Scholar professors for their guidance, leadership, and participation in my success at the University of Saint Joseph.