Meet Shy Williams

Before coming to USJ, I was surprisingly very shy. I knew a lot of people because I played sports, but I was never one to speak up or voice my opinion, and I would avoid every opportunity to stand in front of a crowd. I never wanted to participate in the more professional events either. However, when I got to USJ I felt so comfortable. I started to open up more, and I realized that my voice did matter and that I had a lot of beneficial ideas to add to the conversation. I began to become more of a leader in athletics, academics and professionally. I became a captain of the basketball team as a sophomore, I became an orientation leader going into my sophomore year, I became an admissions ambassador and I became a middle school girls AAU basketball coach. USJ truly has brought me out of my shell.

One of the many things I love about this place is how supportive faculty and staff are. One of those supportive faculty members throughout my time at USJ is my psychology professor, Dr. Cistulli. “Dr. C” teaches a multitude of psychology courses, but she always makes time for all of her students. She has pushed me to continue my research, present at Symposium Day and a psychology conference, and explore different areas of psychology.

USJ has provided so many opportunities for me to learn and grow. One of our core values is “Development of the Whole Person,” and USJ lives it to the fullest extent. I have no doubt that the education and opportunities I have received here will allow me to thrive and really make a difference in my field once I graduate.