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2016-2017 Academic Year

Below is a breakdown of undergraduate tuition, student fees, room and board, and activity fees. Graduate and Professional program details can be found here.

Questions? Contact us for more information, or review our tuition payment options.

Tuition Undergraduate

  • Full Time Undergraduate (12+ Credits) Fall/Spring
    $35,220.00 per year
    $17,610.00 per semester
  • Full Time Jr/Sr Nursing (12+ Credits) Fall/Spring
    $36,882.00 per year
    $18,441.00 per semester
  • 3/4 Time Undergraduate (9-11.5 Credits) Fall/Spring
    $26,418.00 per year
    $13,209.00 per semester
  • 3/4 Jr/Sr.Nursing (9-11.5 Credits) Fall/Spring
    $27,642.00 per year
    $13,821.00 per semester
  • Part-time (under 9 credits) Fall/Spring
    $795.00 per credit
  • Non-Matriculated Students -All Programs Fall/Spring
    $795.00 per credit

Program for Adult Learners (Matriculated Students)

  • Billed by credit hour (Fall/Spring)
    $540.00 per credit plus comprehensive fees
  • ASD Nursing Program

Comprehensive Student Fees For All Undergraduate Programs

  • Full time Undergraduate
    $1,650.00 per year
    $825.00 per semester
  • 3/4 Time Undergraduate
    $1,245.00 per year
    $ 622.50 per semester
  • UG Part Time & PAL fee billed per each credit hour enrolled
    $56.00 per credit hour

Room and Boards

  • Single Room
    $9,744.00 per year
    $4,872.00 per semester
  • Double Room
    $6,250.00 per year
    $3,125.00 per semester
  • Double Room: North/South Resident Hall
    $8,726.00.00 per year
    $4,363.00 per semester

Meal Plans Resident Students

  • 285 Block Meal Plan
    $4,845.00.00 per year
    $2,422.50 per semester
  • 225 Block Meal Plan (Jr./Sr. Only)
    $4,500.00 per year
    $2,250.00 per semester
  • 150 Block Meal Plan (Jr/Sr. Only)
    $3,990.00 per year
    $1,995.00 per semester

Commuter Student Meal Plans

  • 20 Block Meal Plan - $195.00 per semester
  • 40 Block Meal Plan - $380.00 per semester
  • 60 Block Meal Plan - $550.00 per semester

Student Activity Fee (Women's Program)

  • Full-time Undergraduate Students
    $30.00 per semester
  • Part-time Undergraduate Students
    $15.00 per semester

Health Insurance

All full-time undergraduate, School of Pharmacy and Physician Assistant Studies students will have a charge on their USJ student account for the annual student insurance premium (rates below). Full-time students in the Program for Adult Learners and any Graduate students who living on-campus are also included in this requirement. Students who are currently enrolled in a comparable plan may decline by performing the annual online waiver here. Please be advised that the credit will not post to your account on a real-time basis. However, the earlier you perform the waiver, the earlier a credit will appear on your account. The final waiver deadline is Sept. 15, 2017. If you do not qualify for or complete a waiver by the deadline, you will be enrolled in the plan.

Annual feed

Undergraduate Insurance Fee: $1948.00

Those who will be enrolling can find plan materials posted at the same web site. Materials for the 2017-2018 plan year will be posted in July on the Gallagher Student Health web site.

IMPORTANT: There has been a carrier change. The new carrier is National Guardian Life; the Preferred Provider Network is Cigna.

NOTE: When you visit the Gallagher Student Health web site

for the first time you will be asked to create an account. This is entirely separate from your USJ account and you do not need to use any USJ affiliated passwords or user names.

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