First-Year Students

Settle into college life with support and tools that will help ensure your success

As a first-year student at USJ, you will be given the tools you need to succeed throughout your college experience.

In Class

  • Faculty will inspire you to fulfill your potential
  • Your average class size will include 14 students; student/faculty ratio is 8:1
  • Your First-Year Seminar (FYS) course will help you transition to college-level learning and living

Take The Next Step: Easy Admission Process

  • Submit your application online or through the Common App and we will waive the fee.
  • Submit official transcripts from your high school.
  • USJ is fully test optional for all programs and scholarships.
  • Submit an essay, 250 words or more in length.
  • Have a teacher or high school counselor write a letter of recommendation and send it to the University.
  • Our Admissions team travels to meet prospective students—meet us on the road.

Questions? Contact an Admissions Counselor.

Connecticut Automatic Admission Program

The University of Saint Joseph is participating in the Connecticut Automatic Admission Program (CT Auto Admit), which allows graduating high school seniors in Connecticut who meet identified thresholds to be automatically admitted to participating colleges and universities. As part of CT Auto Admit, Connecticut high school seniors with a 3.0 unweighted GPA or higher will be guaranteed admission to USJ.

Certain academic programs are excluded from the CT Auto Admit Program (including Nursing, Pre-Nursing, Health Science/Direct-entry PA, and 3+3 Pharmacy). The admission criteria for these programs include a minimum 3.0 unweighted high school GPA and a B+ or higher in the following academic courses: Algebra II, Biology, Chemistry, English, and Geometry. If one of these programs is your intended major, or if you are interested in USJ’s Honors Program, the USJ Admission Committee will review your application upon receipt of the additional admission requirements.

Connecticut high school seniors who are eligible for automatic admission to USJ through the CT Auto Admit program are not required to submit an application fee, essay, or letter of recommendation. To take the next step and apply to USJ as part of the CT Auto Admit program:

· Submit your application for admission online by filling out a USJ application or through The Common Application**

· Upload the CT Auto Admit, provided by your School Counselor, your application

· Submit official transcripts from your high school

**Applying to USJ via the Common Application requires submission of an essay. If you have already completed a Common Application essay for USJ or another institution, you are able to upload your Auto Admit letter from your School Counselor and will be reviewed as part of the CT Auto Admit program. If you are interested in USJ’s Honors Program, or your intended major is one that is excluded from CT Auto Admit, an admission essay is required.

First-Year Admissions FAQs

Your first year as a college student can be exciting, hectic—and filled with questions.

We’re here to help. Review these answers to the questions we frequently receive from incoming students or contact us for more information.

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