Tuition and Fees 2023-2024

Review the 2023-2024 Academic Year’s Tuition and Fees, Payment Guidelines, and Our Refund Policy

All student payments are due August 15 for the fall semester, December 21 for the spring semester, and May 15 for the summer session. Payment is due at the time of registration if you register after semester due dates.

Contact us for more cost information, or review our tuition payment options.

Undergraduate Tuition Rates, 2023-2024

DescriptionTuition/TermStudent Activity Fee/TermCredit Load
Full-Time$22,804$15012 or more
3/4 Time$17,107$1509-11
Full-Time Nursing (Jr. and Sr. Year)$23,834$15012 or more
3/4 Time Nursing (Jr. and Sr. Year)$17,870$1509-11
Accelerated Nursing Program (New Cohort)$12,375N/A12 or more
DescriptionTuition/CreditCredit Load
Part-Time (Matriculated and Non-Matriculated)$7791-8
DescriptionTuition/TermCredit Load
Social Work Completion Program$8,395N/A
DescriptionTuition/CreditCredit Load
ALL Audited Courses$4221 Course

Cohort Programs

  • Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Completion Program
  • $16,790 per year, plus fees (including fall, spring, summer terms); $33,580.00 for the program, plus fees (up to 61 credits). The program begins in the fall or summer semester. No USJ/institutional grant or scholarship aid applies.

*Credits needed beyond the 61 for the Social Work completion program will be charged at the undergraduate full-time or part-time fee as noted on the fee schedule. Students must meet all degree requirements, as outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog. Requirements for the Completion Programs should be completed within three years from the date of matriculation.  Requests for an extension for completion of the degree must be made to the Program Director.

Graduate Tuition Rates, 2023-2024

Graduate Education On-Campus$863
Graduate Education Off-Campus – K-12 (New Cohort)$673
Graduate Education Off-Campus- TESOL$784
Graduate Nursing & Doctor of Nursing Practice$1,047
Graduate On-Campus$949
Graduate Online$895
Graduate Social Work (MSW)$1,076
Dietetic Internship$8,675

Doctoral and Professional Tuition Rates, 2023-2024

Doctor of Pharmacy P1 & P2 Yr. (3 Terms Each Year)$19,648
Doctor of Pharmacy P3 (2 Terms Final Year)$29,472
Physician Assistant (New Cohort)$1,224
* Click here for detailed estimated expenses for the Physician Assistant (PA) Studies Program

Undergraduate Room and Board Fees, 2023-2024

Room TypeCost/Term
Double Room$3,730
North Hall Suite$5,162
South Hall Suite$5,162
Single Room$5,867

Meal Plans, 2023-2024

Meal Plan TypeCost/Term
Gold Meal Plan (19 meals a week)$3,065
Bronze Meal Plan (10 meals a week)$2,840
20 Block Meal Plan*$246
40 Block Meal Plan*$480
60 Block Meal Plan*$696
40 Plus Meal Plan*$586
20 Plus Meal Plan*$472

*Not available to resident students

Fees by Program, 2023-2024

Fee TypeCost
Study Abroad Fee$555
Lab Fees (BIOL, CHEM, PHYS, PUBH)$100
Nursing FeesCost
Graduate Nursing Fees (NURS-502, 504, 507, 508, 509, 511, 521, 530, 591)$525
Undergraduate Nursing Fees (NURS-216, 219, 220, 318, 319, 321, 323, 412, 414, 417)$325
Education FeesCost
EdTPA Teaching Fee (EDU-449, 543 | SPEC-421, 581)$310
Live Assessment and Comp Exam Fee (Off-Campus Education and On-Campus Education)$150
Music FeesCost
MUSIC-188 Courses$275
MUSIC-199 Courses$525
Counseling FeesCost