Physician Assistant Studies Tuition

Estimated Program Expenses

Tuition Refunds: PA Studies Modular Refund Policy

Students who drop or withdraw from a modular course before the completion of 10% of the module, rounded up to the next complete day (i.e. 1 week module, dropped before the end of day 1), will receive a 100% refund for the current module and any subsequent semester modules for which they have paid, on a per-credit basis. There will be no refund for the current module if a student drops or withdraws after the 10% period has ended.

Students who do not meet academic standards and are required to decelerate and repeat modules will not receive a refund for the failed module. Students who repeat modules will join the cohort currently enrolled during the modules next scheduled offering and will be subject to tuition pricing in effect for that cohort for both the repeated module and all subsequent coursework.

Procedures for dropping or withdrawing from a course are outlined in the USJ Catalog.


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