Fall 2022

Students who test positive for COVID-19, regardless of test source, are expected to report their positive result to Student Health Services (SHS) as soon as possible.

  • Select “Messages”
  • Send a secure message to Jordin Driscoll, RN, notifying SHS of the positive test.
  • Jordin Driscoll, RN will respond via secure message with instructions.
  • Students should self-isolate until hearing back from SHS.
  • Residential students who test positive are expected to vacate campus housing as soon as possible.

Excused absences

  • SHS cannot grant an excused absence for illness or injury not known or treated by SHS.
  • For COVID-19 cases that are either tested by SHS or reported using the process described above, SHS will arrange appropriate faculty and staff notification while maintaining student privacy.
  • A notice of excused absence will be sent to the Registrar.
  • The registrar will then notify all affected faculty by email.
  • Students are encouraged to reach out to faculty directly to make arrangements for completing required work. Students do not have to disclose their diagnosis nor any other health information unless they choose to do so.
  • SHS will notify Residence Life and/or Athletics as appropriate.

Students who are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 should take a home test, schedule a rapid antigen test with SHS, or obtain a test elsewhere.

  • To schedule a test with SHS, log in to myHealth ( with USJ credentials.
  • Select “Appt. Scheduling”.
  • Schedule an appointment using the self-scheduling system.
  • If tested by SHS, instructions will be provided by SHS staff at the time of testing.
  • If not tested by SHS and the test result is negative, students may opt to retest on the following day(s) if symptoms continue.
  • If not tested by SHS and the test result is positive, students should follow the process for notifying SHS described above.

Students who have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19 should be aware that SHS follows the guidance from the CDC and the CT Department of Public Health.

  • If asymptomatic (not experiencing symptoms), there is no need to get tested.
  • If remain asymptomatic, testing may be performed five days after the last exposure.
  • If experiencing symptoms, follow the testing process described above.

Students with questions about symptoms, guidance, or procedures should secure message Jordin Driscoll, RN by using the notification process described above.

Archived COVID Memos

Financial Aid Applicants

You may request a financial aid adjustment due to
changes in your family’s financial circumstances such as
loss or change in employment, death of a parent or
spouse, unreimbursed medical expenses exceeding 10%
of household income, or other similar circumstances.

Phone: 860.231.5223
Fax: 860.231.6702
Email:[email protected]

COVID College Challenge

USJ is proud to be a Vaccine Champion University. Join us in a pledge to combat COVID-19 by getting the vaccine and encouraging others to do the same.

Connecticut Resources:

Main COVID-19 vaccine portal: Connecticut COVID-19 Vaccine Portal

Fact Sheets from the Department of Public Health (available in 5 languages)

COVID-19 vaccination distribution data:

Transportation resources

DPH Twitter Feed

General information on support for individuals living with disabilities:

USJ U.S. CARES/HEERF Relief Fund Report


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