CT Health Horizons Program for USJ

Tuition Assistance for CT Residents
Nursing and Social Work


Apply today and address the state’s workforce shortage in these critical areas:

ProgramsTuition Assistance
Accelerated Second Degree Nursing (ASD)Up to $20,000 toward your ASD degree
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, M.S.Up to $10,000 toward your PMHP M.S. degree
Psychiatric Mental Health Practitioner Certificate (Post-Master’s) – HybridUp to $10,000 toward your PMHP Cert. degree
Master of Social Work (MSW)Up to $20,000 toward your MSW degree

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CT Health Horizons will support three strategic areas: 

  1. Tuition assistance to incentivize low-income and minority students to enter accelerated and cost-effective nursing and social work programs. 
  2. Faculty support to rapidly expand seat capacity and train the next generation of nurses and social workers. 
  3. Innovative programs to promote partnerships between healthcare employers and institutes of higher education to accelerate entrance into careers in nursing and social work. 

Tuition Eligibility

Tuition assistance will be made available for up to two years per student. 

Students receiving tuition support should graduate from their respective programs during the project period of 12-36 months and be prepared to enter the workforce. Allowable uses of tuition are for students enrolled in associate degree nursing (ADN), Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) and post-graduate certificate in PMHNP, and master of social work (MSW) programs. 

Eligibility for students receiving tuition assistance will meet one of the following criteria: 

Each individual institution will use their own process to identify students and disburse tuition assistance. The maximum of tuition assistance should be used as a last dollar scholarship and after other sources of state, federal, and private support is exhausted. 

Eligibility for students receiving tuition assistance will be need-based and determined by each institution. Suggested criteria includes one of the following: 

  • Have a home address from an Alliance School District as designated by the Connecticut State Department of Education • Meet the income criteria for Federal Pell Grant eligibility 
  • Have a current salary below Connecticut’s living wage as identified by the MIT Living Wage Calculator 
  • Demonstrates financial hardship 

Each individual institution will use their own process to identify students and disburse tuition assistance. 


Accelerated Second Degree (ASD), Nursing
Email: [email protected] 
All Others
Email: [email protected]  

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