Off-Campus Education Programs

USJ THINKS YOU’RE ESSENTIALMake a positive change in the lives and learning of children

USJ’s Off-Campus Education Programs provide Connecticut educators with learning experiences that emphasize what all teachers value – academic rigor, a compassionate heart, and dedication.

Degree Options


M.A. in Instructional Technology (Online) 
M.A. in Curriculum & Instruction (Online) 
M.A. in Literacy (Online) 
M.A. in Special Education with Graduate Certificate in Autism and Neurodiverse Learners (Online)
M.A. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (Cross-Endorsement) (Online)
Autism and Neurodiverse Learners Graduate Certificate (Online)


M.A. in Special Education (No Cross Endorsement) 
M.A. in Special Education Advanced Teaching (Cross Endorsement) 
M.A. in Education with Concentration In Arts Integration

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As a USJ Off-Campus degree candidate you will:  

  • Develop your own knowledge and skill through interactive hybrid programs that blend in-person, synchronous online and in-person instruction;  
  • Become part of a supportive professional cohort that is high touch and personalized, creating collegial and collaborative relationships that will last well beyond your diploma; and,  
  • Explore and implement new ways of integrating theory with practice that translates to even more successful learning outcomes in your own classroom.  
  • Convenient to educators’ busy schedules with eight-week courses of academic rigor with a workload designed for full-time professional educators   
  • Complete your degree in two years or less completion time, including breaks  with face-to-face and online instruction saving you time and travel.


Andrea “Penny” Spencer, Ph.D. 
Director of Off-Campus Programs 
Phone: 860-231-5336 
Email: [email protected]