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Irene Guttilla Reed, Ph.D.

Chair and Professor, Department of Biology Joined USJ:
Academic Degrees Ph.D., University of Connecticut Health Center
B.S., University of New Haven 
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Biology Councilor, Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR)
Principal Investigator, NSF S-STEM Grant, Award #1742667
Steering Committee Member, Cell Biology Education Consortium
Member, American Society of Cell Biology

Courses Taught

BIOL114: Introduction to Cellular Biology
BIOL115: Introduction to Life Science for Elementary School Teachers
BIOL232: Science Communication
BIOL452: Cancer Biology
BIOL350: Advanced Cell Biology
BIOL300: Current Topics in Biology
INTD135: Exploration of Careers in the Health Professions
BIOL519: Cancer Biology (Graduate)


Dr. Reed infuses her courses with her passion for science, and is always looking for ways to incorporate research and critical thinking. With a background in cancer biology, Dr. Reed engages students in independent faculty-mentored research, and also provides course-based research experiences in the classroom. She is also a strong advocate for developing science communication skills, and builds this into all of her courses regardless of the topic. Focused on student-centered learning and engagement, Dr. Reed also participates in outreach programs with local high schools, grant-funded opportunities to provide mentorship and career guidance to students, and advocates for the benefits of undergraduate research at the national level. In 2018, she won the Stack Award for Teaching Excellence and has continued to explore novel pedagogies in the classroom and best practices for inclusive teaching. Her research students have won numerous grants through both USJ and the Tribeta Biological Honors Society and published their research in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Dr. Reed’s research focuses on breast and uterine cancer progression and metastasis, with an emphasis on how changes to the genetic landscape can alter patient prognosis and response to treatment.

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