Marylouise Welch, Ph.D.

Professor Emerita
Academic Degrees B.S., University of Pennsylvania
M.S., University of Connecticut
Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Contact Information

“I see the process of interactivity to be the main ingredient of an education here at University of Saint Joseph,” Dr. Marylouise Welch says.  As the driving force behind the Guyana Immersion Experience-a program in which students and faculty assisted in disaster relief in hospitals and local organizations – Dr. Welch speaks from experience. In the classroom, she demands hands-on, active participation because, she says: “The more engaged you are in a process the more meaningful it is.”

Dr. Welch never saw herself as the “ideal” student growing up. “I never fit the mold of the perfect little student. So I try not to ask my students to fit an idealized mold either,” she says. This helps make University of Saint Joseph an exceptional place to study Nursing. Dr. Welch adds, “We get comments from employers and alumnae all the time about how outstanding our graduates are, and I am very proud of that.”

In a small, nurturing environment like University of Saint Joseph, students are the first priority. “Often in bigger universities nursing faculty and students are walled off in a certain part of the school. But at University of Saint Joseph, I work with faculty in English, History and other disciplines.” That cross-fertilization among departments helps to enrich the experience for both faculty and students.

Recent Research/Publications/Presentations

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  • Sigma Theta Tau Iota Upsilon Chapter: Witt-Haloburdo Mentor Award, November 1996.
  • Connecticut Nurses’ Association: Vera Keane Award for Service to the Organization, October 1993.
  • Sigma Theta Tau Mu Chapter: Carolyn Ladd Widmer Leadership Award, May 1991.