Peter Markow

Professor Emeritus Joined USJ:
Academic Degrees B.A., Hartwick College
MAT, Colorado State University
Ph.D., University of Connecticut

For chemistry professor Dr. Peter Markow, student-centered learning is the key to a successful education. “As a constructivist, I believe that pure lecture is not a good way to learn, so I use an interactive approach to help students understand chemistry in the lab.”

Dr. Markow sees the everyday connection of chemistry to real-life situations. As a result, one of his main interests is the study of renewable energy sources. He is author of the paper: “Energy for the 21st Century: An Investigation of Photovoltaic Panels,” and he practices what he preaches, as his house is completely powered by PV panels. A full-time faculty member since 1985, Dr. Markow sees University of Saint Joseph as an institution that sets the tone for how young women learn. “For me, the combination of the interactive nature of the learning process and the call for social consciousness and justice make this a unique and outstanding college.”