Dr. Sebnem Atabas accepted into STaR mentoring program  

Sebnem Atabas, Ph.D., assistant professor of education at University of Saint Joseph and a mathematics teacher educator in the Department of Education, has been accepted into the Service, Teaching and Research (STaR) program of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE). The program provides mentorship and networking opportunities for faculty members at U.S. institutions who are in their first or second year of an appointment. 

Dr. Atabas will participate in STaR’s week-long Summer Institute in Park City, Utah in June. “I expect to connect with scholars who can provide sustained mentoring and guidance in writing a grant proposal and applying for external funding to conduct research for USJ,” Dr. Atabas said.  

Dr. Sebnem Atabas

Ahead of the STaR Summer Institute, Dr. Atabas and a colleague have initiated an International Mathematics Educators Community Circle in AMTE. “Although this community has been established recently, we gladly receive emails from graduate students and novice mathematics teacher educators in higher education settings, especially from international mathematics educators,” said Dr. Atabas. “I am interested in creating spaces to share our experiences and support each other throughout different phases of academia and supporting the USJ community as much as possible.” 

At USJ, Dr. Atabas teaches secondary method courses for candidates pursuing licensure for teaching middle or high school mathematics as well as teaching students with disabilities.  

“My research interest is centralized around teachers’ learning of ambitious mathematics teaching with a situated view of learning,” she explained. “In addition to classrooms being envisioned as rich learning environments for students, my research is centralized around the idea of how the same classrooms can afford valuable learning experiences for teachers.” 

“I am thrilled to learn of Dr. Atabas’ selection for the highly competitive AMTE STaR Program,” said Dean Raouf Boules, School of Arts, Sciences, Business, and Education. “The program’s commitment to challenging and supporting early-career mathematics faculty on issues of social and racial justice aligns seamlessly with what defines USJ overall.”

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