Gengras Center Memorial Garden Dedication

On June 2, 2021, families of seven students of the Gengras Center at the University of Saint Joseph came together to honor the students that have passed away in the last three years. Students and staff celebrated the students with a beautifully manicured Gengras Center Memorial Garden on campus complete with flowers, painted memorial stones, a memorial plaque, and meditation benches donated by former Gengras student Adam Mlodzinski‘s family members and many generous donors. 

Gengras Center Director Michelle Lestrud said, “The ceremony was a wonderful way to honor the students who have passed away and to invite their families back. Although it was a somber occasion, the new Memorial Garden gives us a common focus and area for everyone to remember. The students will remain a part of us for all time, and this lovely garden ensures we continue to share the memories and joy each student brought to our lives.”