University of Saint Joseph Celebrates Class of 2022 Honors Program Graduates 

University of Saint Joseph Class of 2022 Graduates With Honors

The University of Saint Joseph held a Senior Medals Ceremony for 37 students who have completed the Honors Program and so will be graduating “in honors” this spring from the University. Over the four years, these students have completed at least 18 credits in the Honors Program, including independent study and service-learning courses. They have also presented their work at conferences, participated in Mercy serve opportunities, received extra funds for research opportunities, and maintained at least a 3.25 GPA—though this year’s class had an average GPA of over 3.8! The medals they received are to be worn during USJ’s graduation ceremony, signifying their achievement.  

Following opening remarks at the event from the Honors Program Director, Professor of Religious Studies Benjamin Peters, and Provost Michelle Kalis, two students made presentations. Jessenia Sterling presented “The Effect of the University’s Engagement on Hispanic Students’ Graduation Rate” and Jacob Wyse shared “The Importance of Pre-Participation Screening of Young Athletes for Sudden Cardiac Death Prevention.” 

Professor Peters shared his thoughts about this year’s graduating Honors students. “This is a really great group of students who truly embody our Catholic and Mercy tradition here at USJ. Their level of scholarship and academic achievement—evidenced in their post-graduation plans—is impressive. Many of our graduates are also campus leaders and student athletes.” 

The culmination of the four years of honors study at the University includes students from diverse academic areas—accounting, chemistry, English, education, nursing, and social work, to name a few. 

Read more about the USJ Honors Program here. 

Names of Honorees:

  • Elyse Arcidiacono 
  • Marharyta Bondarchuk  
  • Gina Calo 
  • Yael Cano  
  • Rochelle Clarke 
  • Kira Dethlefsen 
  • Cassandra Doyon 
  • Allison Duffy 
  • Alyssa Fontaine 
  • Ariana Gazaferi  
  • Amaya Harris 
  • Quincy Jacques 
  • Maaham Jafri 
  • Bradford Landry 
  • Sarah Lew 
  • Anna Lindblom 
  • Sarah Maglio 
  • Sam Majek 
  • Melissa Mallem 
  • Nicole Martula 
  • Caitlyn Mayhew 
  • Hannah Mitchell 
  • Lindsey Montminy 
  • Timothy Moy 
  • Riley Mulligan 
  • Ryan O’Neill 
  • Samantha Pena 
  • Sierra Romie 
  • Kathryn Smith 
  • Jessenia Sterling 
  • Jake Sullivan 
  • Jordyn Testa 
  • Emilee Tirino 
  • Bridget Varnum 
  • Brendan Wlochowski 
  • Jacob Wyse