USJ Announces Spring Series: “Embracing Our Environment: Integrating the Natural World with the Arts.” 

This spring the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) will hold a series of events called “Embracing Our Environment: Integrating the Natural World with the Arts,” made possible by support from the University’s National Endowment of the Humanities and Art Fund. Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Kirsten Martin is organizing the series. She has assembled a schedule of prominent guest speakers for February 17, March 27, and as part of a two-day Earth Festival April 21-22. Several additional presentations will be added to the series in the next couple of weeks. 

Dr. Martin said, “The Embracing Our Environment series celebrates and highlights the interconnections between the environment, arts and humanities. The purpose of the series is to provide opportunities for attendees to explore these connections and foster a greater awareness and appreciation for our planet’s incredible environment.” 

The series begins on Feb. 17, with “The Wonder and Delight of Illustrating Nature.”  

Information about the Embracing Our Environment: Integrating the Natural Environment with the Arts Series (including registration links) are posted on the USJ website at Embracing our Environment at the University of Saint Joseph, CT | USJ found here. 

Topics include:  

Feb. 17: The Wonder and Delight of Illustrating Nature: Carol Schwartz 

March 27: Using Art and Culturally Tailored Messaging for Communicating Health and Science Information to Indigenous Communities: Mallery Quetawki 

April 21: Premiere of the Silvio O. Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge Documentary 

April 21: The Challenges and Rewards of Nature Photograph 
Workshop on Nature Photography: Martin Espinola 
USJ Earth Festival 

April 22: USJ Earth Festival Day 2 and USJ Art Museum Family Day 

April 25: Getting the Dirt on Paint: Judith Kruger