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USJ Chemistry Professor Presents at American Society for Cell Biology Conference

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In December, Assistant Professor of Chemistry Ozlem Dilek, Ph.D., presented at the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) Conference in Washington, D.C. Alongside her former graduate student, Dr. Dilek presented her work on a Bioorthogonal smart probe for fluorescent imaging of carbonyl moieties in live cells.

“We developed and synthesized a diagnostic small molecule probe to site-specifically detect and image certain functional groups in live cells by using fluorescence techniques,” she explained. “Our results will definitely introduce new insights into the fluorescence imaging probe development field that is expected to understand particular disease states or signaling pathways in cellular systems, such as cancer or inflammation triggered diseases.”

Dr. Dilek, a regular presenter at the annual ASCB conference, recognizes the importance of collaborating with undergraduate and graduate students on research opportunities such as this. As a result, she will continue work on related projects with her current USJ undergraduate students.

“I will have three students starting to work on relevant projects that will be run with a strong collaboration with our USJ Pharmacy team, NIH-Imaging Probe Development Center (IPDC), Yale Medical School, and UConn,” she shared.

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