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USJ Faculty Member Recipient of 2020 Nightingale Awards for Excellence in Nursing

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Since 2003, The Nightingale Award for Excellence in Nursing has brought attention to not only outstanding nurses but the profession at large. This year, USJ faculty member Mary Lou Graham, MSN, MBA, MA, APRN, RN, LPC has been recognized for her work in education, as well as mental healthcare in a variety of settings, including Guyana, noted as holding the highest suicide rates per capita in the world as cited by the World Health Organization.

Professor Graham embodies the mission of USJ. She has an independent practice where she serves an underserved population in the New Britain area. She has embarked on a scholarly agenda related to USJ’s work in Guyana. She has provided a framework, assisted in the writing, and supported the development of mental health education for nurses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in Guyana. She has worked to integrate mental health education into a new national critical care course and has been collaborating with the Ministry of Public Health, PAHO, and the nursing education leaders at the University of Guyana (who were educated at USJ) throughout these endeavors.

Professor Graham has presented her peer-reviewed work at both national and international conferences and has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses at USJ.

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