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USJ Nurse Practitioner Students Published in Local Newspapers

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Two graduate students in USJ’s Nurse Practitioner programs recently wrote and published op-ed pieces for local newspapers. Lynda Emard, M’19, wrote a piece entitled, “Congress Must Pass Nursing Workforce Bill,” which was published by the Hartford Courant, while her classmate, Khushboo Surti, M’20, wrote, “Saving the Ones with Mental Illness: Outpatient Commitment can Reduce Incidence, Duration of Hospitalization,” which was published by the Middletown Press.

These pieces were assignments in USJ’s graduate Health Policy and Leadership course, taught by Assistant Professor of Nursing Heather Evans, Ph.D., RNC-MNN, CLC. In the class, students are asked to write an op-ed and submit it for publication in a local, regional, or national newspaper or professional publication.

“At USJ, we prepare and educate the best students, who will eventually become Nurse Practitioners. USJ Nurse Practitioners are known in the health care community for their high standards, dedication to providing quality health care, and strong leadership skills. With this reputation comes responsibility,” said Dr. Evans.

“Our graduate students use their voices and expertise to educate the public, and other health care professionals, about important topics,” she continued. “Through this assignment, our Nurse Practitioner students become accustomed to making their voices heard and will be prepared to continue to help drive health policy changes throughout their careers.”

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