USJ offers tuition savings to healthcare workers who enroll in new Master of Healthcare Administration 

This fall the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) will launch its new online Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) program designed to train working professionals to assume leadership positions within the healthcare management industry. Now USJ is taking the initiative one step further by offering significant tuition savings for the employees of its valued healthcare partners. 

Beginning this fall, employees at USJ partners Hartford Healthcare, Trinity Health of New England, Yale New Haven Hospital, First Choice Health Centers, Hospital for Special Care, Gaylord Hospital, Duncaster Senior Living, Middlesex Health Care Center, The Mercy Community, Eastern Connecticut Health Network, Waterbury Health, and United Services will have the opportunity to earn an MHA while continuing their important work at healthcare facilities across the state and the country. 

The tuition savings program offers these health care professionals a 20% tuition waiver for each course in the MHA program. In addition, they will have the opportunity to take one course during the Fall 2024 semester and one course during the Spring 2025 semester for free when enrolled in two MHA courses each of those semesters. These two offers result in a cost reduction of one-third of the program’s cost. These costs may be reduced even more if the employer offers tuition reimbursement benefits. 

USJ’s 36-credit online Master of Healthcare Administration degree is designed especially for working professionals, enabling them to finish the program on a part-time basis in two years as they continue their important work in the health care industry across the state and the country. 

This cohort-driven program will be interdisciplinary—with instruction from faculty in both the School of Arts, Sciences, Business and Education (SASBE) and the School of Interdisciplinary Health and Science (SIHS).

Students in the program will gain a working knowledge of healthcare management, in areas such as lean management, data analytics, employee recruitment and retention, and strategic planning and organizational effectiveness.  

According to U.S. News and World Report (2023), demand for healthcare managers has resulted in the significant expansion of this field. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports medical and health service managers in Connecticut earn $130,510 on average, placing the state in the top 10 in average salary in this sector. The Bureau projects that the job outlook for healthcare administrators will remain extremely strong through 2031, with an estimated 28% increase in the total number of healthcare management jobs.  

“Our society has come to realize that healthcare is a business—and a big business, at that,” Dr. Chen said. “The MHA program at the University of Saint Joseph combines the know-how in managing the challenges of making dollars and cents as well with the ethics and compassion caring for the health of others. It is our goal to give our students the grounded platform needed for them to go out and solve the complex problems presented by our healthcare system.” 

To learn more about USJ’s new MHA, enrollment criteria, and this new savings offer, visit Don’t see your employer? Explore more about USJ partnerships and tuition waiver opportunities by contacting the Office of the Provost: [email protected].

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