USJ Pharmacy Program Receives Donation Check from Walgreens Co. to Promote Diversity and Inclusion

The University of Saint Joseph’s Pharmacy Program received a donation check from Walgreens Co. to promote diversity and inclusion on campus and to enhance the pharmacy curriculum. 

“We are honored to present this year’s Diversity Donation Check to the USJ School of Pharmacy and PA Studies! It was a pleasure to be on campus and discuss many collaboration strategies with Dean Abdelmageed to further support growth within the program and the profession of pharmacy and drive innovation within our students,” said Julian Koruni, PharmD., Healthcare Supervisor for Walgreens Co.

USJ hosts a Diversity in Pharmacy program to educate students from high school through college about the diverse career opportunities afforded to persons with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. With the help of USJ’s community contacts, high schools are selected to travel to the University to participate in this program. Visiting students are selected for interest in the sciences and the program typically reaches students who attend a high school with a diverse student body.

“We value our partnership with Walgreens and their generous award helps us recruit students who reflect the beautiful diversity within our communities” said USJ’s Dean of the School of Pharmacy and PA Studies and Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Administration, Ahmed Abdelmageed.

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