USJ Physician Assistant Studies students conduct first PAs STOP THE BLEED® training

Two University of Saint Joseph PA Studies students trained members of the community in the PAs STOP THE BLEED® program on campus this week. “This STOP THE BLEED training we are conducting aims to help prepare our staff and students on campus in case of emergent bleeds, traumas or injuries,” said Kyle Barker, MSPAS’24. 

The training included a presentation from Barker and Mary Manetta MSPAS’24 and hands-on training. Trainees worked on dummies that had simulated injuries such as gun shot and stab wounds. Barker and Manetta ran through scenarios with each trainee and ensured that they knew the proper steps and procedures from the moment of arrival at the scene of an incident to when medical professionals arrive to take over care. Trainees used kits with trauma shears, gauze, medical gloves and tourniquets to pack the dummies’ wounds. 

USJ Public Safety officers Michael Pietrowicz and Fernando Tellez attended and said that the training was beneficial as incidents can happen at any time, and preparation is key to keeping the USJ community safer. Pietrowicz and Tellez trained alongside Campus Safety officers from Goodwin University. PA students will also conduct an on-campus training for undergraduate students in the Pre-PA club next week. These trainings are conducted free of charge for all trainees. 

The students were able to put on this training thanks to multiple grants. Funds from a PA Foundation IMPACT grant were used to purchase training equipment. An internal grant through the USJ Teaching and Learning Center covered a wall kit —a kit stocked with tourniquets, basic supplies and instructions that will be mounted in the O’Connell Center. Kits will also be added to facilities buildings and to public safety vehicles.  

Barker and Manetta conducted this training as part of their service learning project, which is a required part of the curriculum for PA Studies students. Barker said he hopes this will become an evergreen project that is conducted annually. “We think this is a great way to share the tools and skills we have learned, and continuing this training will help protect our USJ community.” 

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