USJ Professor Emeritus Publishes Book

Professor Emeritus of English and American Studies Dr. Dennis Barone’s new book Field Guide to the Rehearsal is a combination of prose and poetry framing the metaphysical moment. The terrain of this field guide maps Barone’s personal experience through illness, surgery, and recovery onto the deeper landscape of human experience. Poet and Connecticut Central State University Professor David Cappella says of the book, “…A Field Guide to the Rehearsal is a most unique book, an open-form, subtly off-beat narrative, a mixture of poetry and prose, of memory and concrete, image-filled metaphysics.” Barone, a prolific author of more than 14 books, was a member of the University of Saint Joseph faculty from 1986 until 2020 and currently serves as the Poetry Editor for the Wallace Stevens Journal and as President of the Hartford Friends and Enemies of Wallace Stevens. Field Guide to the Rehearsal is available now on Amazon or at the publisher’s website,

Congratulations Dr. Barone!