The 2017 Nursing White Coat Ceremony

On Friday, Sept. 22, 2017, the department of Nursing held their annual White Coat Ceremony. The White Coat Ceremony celebrated the rite of passage for medical students entering the practice. This year, USJ welcomed almost 70 students in the traditional undergraduate Nursing program, Class of 2019, as well as the Accelerated Second Degree Nursing program, Class of 2018.

The University of Saint Joseph was selected by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) to pilot the first Gold Foundation Nursing White Coat Ceremony in 2014. Since then, USJ has proudly participated in this program that recognizes the vital role nurses play in the health care field. According to the AACN, the White Coat Ceremony honors incoming nursing students’ commitment to provide compassionate care throughout their nursing careers.

Dania Cabrera, MSN, RN-BC, USJ Nursing instructor, said, “The University of Saint Joseph’s nursing students have a great reputation in the clinical world because of all of their hard work. They should be very proud of themselves. We are very proud of them and the effort that they put in toward learning how to be knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate nurses.”

The ceremony, funded by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation, is for juniors in the four-year undergraduate baccalaureate program and Accelerated Second Degree students. They received their white lab coat by faculty along with a specially designed pin.

Junior Nursing Students – Class of 2019
ASD Nursing Students – Class of 2018
Sarah Abrams
Rachael Alexander
Carolina Acosta
Christine Blowers
Amra Alikavazovic
Megan Doak
Alexandra Anderson
Nathan Dorian
Latisha Anderson
Mathew Gingras
Jenna Arens
Zacharie Goodreau
Dana Baker
Jenna Hovey
Emily Begleiter
Gifty Kankam
Stephanie Bogazis
Julia Lavigne
Brielle Boutote
Kristin Lippert
Madison Boyce
Haley Mather
Sarah Breton
Yaa Owusu
Bailey Carter
Monica Perez
Ciera Carter
Samira Quraishi
Melanie Chanfrau
Amela Sulejmanovic
Emily Cyr
William Thomas
Olivia Devine
Raphael Torrioni
Alicia Dube
Natalie Garcia
Amanda Ghent
Alexis Hagenburg
Danielle Hall
Lindsy Hurlbert
Jessica Karwowski
Erin Keavany
Anna Kleis
Rileigh Luba
Annmarie Masayda
Savanna Matcheson
Margaret Milton
Juliet Molina
Tara Moseni
Noemaris Pagan
Laura Pianka
Kathryn Piazza
Tiffany Ratajczak
Marisa Reinhardt
Dalia Robel
Lucy Roberge
Desire Sanchez
Ashley Savino
Justyna Sikorska
Sydney Smith
Amanda St. Pierre
Ashley Steele
Shira Stein
Callie Veach
Ariana Vlashi
Holly Vynar
Jenna Walsh
Victoria Walz
Samantha Zeoli