Campus Participation is Integral to Student Success

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At the University of Saint Joseph (USJ), campus involvement is an integral part of student life. To enrich and enhance the college experience, students are encouraged to participate on campus, as it is a great way for them to learn about themselves, achieve a new level of responsibility, and discover newfound independence.

“Getting involved on campus helps create a more well-rounded student,” said Assistant Director of Student Affairs Jay Henderson. “One of the best ways to get involved on campus is by joining clubs and organizations, through the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development.”

USJ offers many opportunities for on-campus involvement. By taking part in clubs and organizations that match theirinterests and career goals, students are able to learn outside the classroom, relieve stress, foster new relationships, and discover networking opportunities. Additionally, club advisors and faculty members at USJ are eager to help students find internships, leadership positions within clubs, or even, ultimately, job offers.

There is a variety of clubs offered on campus that are designed to enrich the student’s academic and co-curricular interests. Clubs focus on everything from academics, athletics, and global concerns to diversity and cultural issues and community service. Among the clubs offered on campus are: Accounting and Business Society, Black Student Union, Dance Ensemble, Diversity in Action, Sexuality and Gender Acceptance, and Student Government Association. If a student wants to create a new club, USJ is happy to help make it a reality as well.

Interested in learning how to start a club on campus? Visit the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development.