Department of Education Honors Graduate Students

On Monday, May 6, 2019, the University of Saint Joseph’s department of Education– part of the School of Arts, Sciences, Business, and Education– held its annual Graduate Awards Ceremony. Gathering in the Crystal Room, students and their families enjoyed an evening of celebration, reflecting on their hard work and achievements from this academic year.

Daniel Nussbaum, Ph.D., InterimChair of the department of Education, offered the opening remarks before the Education professors presented awards to students in the five programs: Secondary Education, Elementary Education, Special Education, Early Childhood/Special Education, and Off-Campus Programs.

Across programs, students received awards that included:

The Compassionate of Heart Award, which is presented to the candidate who demonstrates a belief in the inherent value of every individual and the capacity of each to learn.

The Master of Art Achievement Award, which is designed for the candidate who demonstrates academic rigor and is committed to inquiry, engaged in critical thinking, and contributes to the field and its interdisciplinary connections.

The Teacher Leadership Award, which is given to an agent of change, who challenges the barriers of class, race, and lifestyle; gives voice to erroneous stereotypical views about learning; and educates all students in the democratic society.

The Professional Practice Award, which is designed for the student who exhibits outstanding work during their student teaching clinical experience.

“The areas recognized in these awards are interdependent,” said Dr. Nussbaum. “One cannot excel in professional practice or leadership, for example, without also achieving a high level of academic achievement and approaching students with a compassionate heart. Our Education faculty are confident that, like graduate award recipients before them, these award recipients will be recognized in their school districts as both agents of change and model teachers.”

Congratulations, Class of 2019!

Secondary Education

Compassionate of Heart Award: Luisa Florez
Academic Excellence Award: Kirsten Elizabeth Warner
Teacher Leadership Award: Christina Cerino
Professional Practice Award: Samantha Kradas
Master of Arts Achievement Award: Carrie Lurix

Elementary Education                  

Compassionate of Heart Award: Alexa Morwaski
Academic Achievement Award: Bethany Postemski
Teacher Leadership Award: Jacqueline Destefano
Professional Practice Award: Erica Morowski
Master of Arts Achievement Award- Reading and Language Arts: Alison Rossi
Master of Arts Achievement Award- Literacy: Katherine Strempfer

Special Education

Compassionate of Heart Award: Alison Butler
Academic Excellence Award:  Samantha Morin
Teacher Leadership Award: Jamie Bowen
Professional Practice Award: Amanda Warchol
Master of Arts Achievement Award: Nicole Aquillo

Early Childhood/Special Education

Compassionate of Heart Award: Stephanie Grant
Academic Excellence Award: Devin Van Patten
Teacher Leadership Award: Michelle Bennett

Off-Campus Programs

Master of Arts Achievement Awards
Curriculum & Instruction: Melissa Reynolds
Reading: Erin Comins  & Elaine Farr
Special Education: Shayna Chomko
Educational Technology: Amber Woodward
TESOL: Rosetta Josephine Mastroianni

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