Internship Success: Jacquelyn Corriveau ’20

Over the summer of 2019, Jacquelyn Corriveau ’20, a Business major, took part in an internship at KeyBank that helped her discover a new passion and career path.

After a three-round interview process, during which Corriveau had to demonstrate her knowledge of a variety of topics – from the stock market’s effects on banking to how interest rates are decided – she earned the coveted position. The 12-week, paid internship offered 40 hours per week and a potential job offer upon completion.

Corriveau mainly helped on the teller line when needed, though she also sat in on meetings and observed people in numerous positions. During the course of the program, she worked at three different branches, gaining valuable experiences that showed her the ins and outs of banking careers.

“My role was really to learn as much as I could,” Corriveau said. “Banking was all new to me and I was able to learn so much from shadowing different roles at KeyBank. I was able to learn about every aspect of banking – from investments and mortgages to being a teller and banker. KeyBank made sure I saw what everyone did and allowed me to focus more on the areas that interested me.”

One of the most important things Corriveau learned was to push herself and take initiative in every aspect of her work. “They want individuals who are not scared to go for what they want and who are able to accomplish things on their own,” she explained.

Corriveau proved herself as one of those individuals. At the end of her internship, KeyBank offered her the position of Licensed Relationship Banker after she graduates from USJ this spring.

To learn more about internship opportunities available through USJ, visit the Career Development Center.