Internship Success: Shelby Mehmet ‘19

Shelby Mehmet ’19 is interning with BRAVE Girls Leadership Inc. whose mission is “to inspire and challenge humans to be BRAVE and self-empowered contributors to a better world.” They work to provide a conducive and safe environment for young women to gain leadership, mentoring and community service skills. Through this internship, Mehmet is running the BRAVE chapter at King Phillip Middle School in Hartford, Conn. As a Social Work major, and Psychology and Youth Services minor, this internship has allowed her to pursue her passion making a difference in the world or working with others which includes mentoring.

Mehmet first heard about BRAVE Girls Leadership Inc. while attending the Summer Bridge Program. She was inspired by Meaghan Davis, M.A., the founder of BRAVE and the University’s Academic Success Specialist, who was leading some of the workshops she attended. “This is an incredible opportunity to be involved with an organization who works to change the world and really make a difference. I’ve gained valuable leadership skills that has helped prepare me to communicate and work with people of all ages,” said Mehmet.

This internship mainly consists of Mehmet mentoring the students of King Phillip Middle School. She enjoys building relationships with her mentees, and providing an encouraging and supportive atmosphere for them as well. One of her favorite activities to lead is, MOG (Moments of Glory) where they share something positive that has happened to them within in the week.

In the future, Mehmet wants to work with young people after graduation. She hopes to find a career just as fulfilling as her experience in BRAVE. “It feels as though this program is a part of who I am. It feels like I was meant to do this work. I have learned and grown so much, and I still have a lot more growing to do. It’s honestly amazing,” said Mehmet. From her newfound leadership and professional communication skills, Mehmet is prepared for a successful future.