Management Course Teaches Interpersonal Skills

Reading Time: 1 minute

In Management’s “Human Behavior in Organizations” course, students have the opportunity to learn different behaviors experienced in the workplace. Taught by Janet Howes, Ph.D., assistant professor of Business Administration, her course focuses on topics such as individual behavior, interpersonal communications and influence, small group behavior, inter-group conflict and cooperation, complex organizational behavior, and relations between organizations and environments.

“My goal for the class is to have the students learn ways in which managers supervise and motivate employees through motivational theories and real-life experiences. I ask the students to relate what they are learning to their life experiences and to look to the future as to how they may handle situations if they encounter them,” said Dr. Howes.

In addition to analyzing behaviors, this course teaches students how to write cover letters and resumes. One of the assignments has students choose their dream job and discover the skills that are needed. Howes also incorporates a multimedia component with YouTube videos. From “How to Land Your Dream Job with One Email” and “The Death of the Resume” to “Rethinking Failure” these video topics are all insightful.

“I like this class because it teaches us real life skills for life after college. It teaches us how to deal with difficult situations and fix them,” said Accounting Major Dylaney Cianci ’21.

“It is important for students to understand how organizations have handled situations in the past, so they may have a sense of how to work with employees in the future,” said Dr. Howes.

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