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MSW Professor Speaks at Hispanic Heritage Month Lecture

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On Thursday, Oct. 4, 2018, Anthony De Jesús, MSW, Ed.D., Ed.M., presented a lecture entitled “From Spanish Speaking to Latinx, A Detras Pa’lante of Rice and Beans Success Stories” at Shipman & Goodwin’s Hispanic Heritage Month luncheon in Hartford, Conn. De Jesús spoke on research that documents the experiences of important Latino historical figures. He also discussed the future development of Latino/a/x identities in the US and opportunities for diversity and inclusion.

“Ever since my doctoral program, I’ve been seeking to build cultural bridges and support multiculturalism within different communities,” De Jesús remarked, referencing Martín Espada’s poem Tony Went to the Bodega but He Didn’t Buy Anything. “The notion of a rice and beans success story certainly speaks to who I am in many respects. It reflects that ability to navigate multiple cultural spaces without enduring a permanent sense of loss and the kinds of traumas that exist when we are confronted with spaces that are hostile or want to exclude Latinos.”

The three icons he discussed were Pedro Albizo Campos, Felicita Mendez, and Antonia Pantoja. Each played important roles in the preservation of cultural identity and using the law and social policy to enact social change. Their stories illustrated themes of migration, exclusion, struggle and successes that provide insight into our present and suggest something about the future of Latino/as in the US.

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