University of Saint Joseph Raises Enrollment by 41%

May 7, 2015

University of Saint Joseph Raises Enrollment by 41%

mercy-hall.jpgIn contrast to the national decline in college enrollment, the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) in West Hartford, Conn., achieved a record-setting enrollment increase of 41%, based on the number of deposits made by the May 1 deadline. This constitutes the largest class in four years for the University’s women’s-only undergraduate program.

With college enrollment in a multi-year decline, USJ’s growth defies the expectations of most institutions. The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center’s fall 2014 report showed a 1.3% decline nationally, with 39 states experiencing decreasing enrollment and 11 states showing growth. By comparison to USJ’s 41% increase, New Hampshire saw the largest increase (19.9%), due primarily to Southern New Hampshire University’s expansive online program. Connecticut’s enrollment grew by .9% in 2014.

Success is credited to the quality of the University’s education, as well as to the employment of new and innovative recruitment strategies. For more than 80 years, USJ has prepared women for success through an education grounded in the liberal arts and professional preparation.

“The University of Saint Joseph is highly-regarded for the quality of its academics and the success of its graduates,” said President Pamela Trotman Reid, Ph.D. “Students often graduate with a job in hand. Wherever I go in the region, employers tell me that USJ graduates move to the top of the applicant job pool.”

Under the guidance of President Reid and Interim Vice President of Enrollment Management Joel Wincowski, M.Ed., the University developed an enrollment strategy that celebrated the accomplishments of its undergraduate women’s program and its co-educational graduate and adult learner programs.

Wincowski developed an original strategy honed from his 30-year career, one that is based on the steps of assessment, research, and targeted response. “In the end, the success comes from institutional support and the use of a variety of strategies,” he said. “Over the past year and a half, we launched the ‘I Will’ marketing campaign and used a blend of outbound and inbound marketing strategies.” Additionally, the enrollment management team focused on the changing demographics within the state and research to determine behaviors of its key audience.

When asked to summarize the reason for the University’s dramatic increase, Wincowski said, “Team work. This type of increase came from a united and committed effort — and, of course, having a great product.”

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