USJ Pharmacy Professors present at the Society of Critical Care Medicine in San Diego

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The Society of Critical Care Medicine is an international, multidisciplinary group of critical care experts. Each year, the society has a four-day event that showcases the most recent, evidence-based developments in critical care. Drs. Levine and Lemieux, assistant professors from the University of Saint Joseph School of Pharmacy & Physician Assistant Studies, were among the presenters at the 2019 Annual Congress Meeting held February 17-20 in San Diego, Calif. Dr. Levine presented his research regarding the risk factors associated with continuation of atypical antipsychotics at hospital discharge. Dr. Lemieux presented a Pharmacy Year in Review on the topic of recent antibiotic developments that target multi-drug resistant bacteria.

In his presentation, Dr. Levine highlighted the focus of his research, stating, “This research identified which types of patients are at highest risk of continuing antipsychotics that were newly initiated in the hospital and highlights the importance of performing medication reconciliation at transitions of care to minimize inappropriate prescribing of these agents.”
During his presentation, Dr. Lemieux shared that, “In an era where bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to our most commonly used antibiotics, it is important that we explore novel ways to treat infections caused by these multi-drug resistant bacteria. These newer antibiotics are significant developments in the fight against antibiotic resistance that will improve the care of many critically ill patients.”
These conference presentations are just two examples of how USJ faculty is conducting research that is propelling science forward and making a positive difference in our community.

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