USJ Pharmacy Students Win 2nd Place Best Poster Presentation at the Northeast Society of Toxicology Conference

Dominic Alfano & Phillippe Recalt

Congratulations to USJ Pharmacy Students, Alfano and Recalt, for winning 2nd Place Best Poster Presentation at the Northeast Society of Toxicology Conference

Each year the Northeast Regional Chapter of the Society of Toxicology hosts a conference to highlight those professionals and scholars in the field of toxicology. With the collaboration of UCONN Health and months of research, Dominic Alfano has been working on his Poster Presentation alongside fellow student Philippe Recalt and assistant professor Swetha Rudraiah Ph.D. and members of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at UCONN Health. This long process all began with the gracious donations of animal scaffolds from UCONN Health to help Alfano and team begin the investigative research of repurposing small drug molecules for tissue regeneration.

During this virtual conference, Alfano submitted his Poster Presentation competing with fellow Ph.D. students from other schools in the Northeast region. Their research found great progress for the future opportunities in tissue engineering and wound healing applications by controlling low doses of drugs that promote angiogenesis. Alfano and Recalt’s presentation was assessed under various categories including the significance of results, innovation, and communication. Alfano believes that the histological analysis of images was very clear, providing a clear understanding of the information presented and where the project may lead for future research.

When asked what interested him in the research project, Alfano said, “I really enjoy doing research with Dr. Rudraiah. This project expanded my skillset in the lab and how I present data and evidence, all of which makes me a more rounded pharmacy professional.”

Please join The University of Saint Joseph in congratulating Dominic Alfano, Philippe Recalt, and Swetha Rudraiah Ph.D. on their second-place poster presentation award at this year’s Northeast SOT conference.

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