USJ Prepares Students for “25 Best Jobs of 2018”

Since its founding in 1932, the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) has remained dedicated to providing a rigorous education that prepares students for successful careers after graduation.

Many of these careers, which span a wide range of fields, were recently named to U.S. News and World Report’s “25 Best Jobs of 2018” list, demonstrating USJ’s strength in offering relevant programs for its students.

Graduates with degrees in Mathematics were represented on the list, serving in roles such as mathematicians, actuaries, and statisticians. USJ offers two concentrations – one in Actuarial Science and another in Computer Sciences – to teach students the necessary skills for these thriving careers.

From the health care field, physician assistants and registered nurses ranked on the list as well. With a respected reputation in the health care community, USJ’s programs ensure students who pursue their degrees in fields like Nursing or Physician Assistant Studies enter their careers with the knowledge and ability to effectively serve the community.

Software developer topped the list of best jobs, with employment opportunities in the field growing rapidly. By 2026, there will be an estimated increase by more than 30 percent, resulting in the creation of 253,400 jobs. USJ is prepared to answer this demand by launching its new bachelor’s degree program in Computer and Data Science in the fall of 2018. The major will focus on software development and data science, guaranteeing that USJ students will meet market demand and begin their careers immediately following graduation.

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