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USJ Title IX Coordinator & Director of Diversity on YWCA Panel

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On Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019, University of Saint Joseph’s Title IX Coordinator and Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Rayna Dyton-White, J.D., participated in YWCA’s Week Without Violence Campaign.

Throughout the week, the YWCA has done livestreams to raise awareness of their campaign, which falls during National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Thursday’s discussion focused on activating advocacy, accessing resources on college campuses, and learning where people can take action.

“Domestic violence or intimate partner violence is much more complex beyond the actual physical aspect of it,” Rayna explained. “If you don’t discuss it at length and create multiple avenues of communication around the subject, the information lives and dies within a community that’s oftentimes already informed. It may seem like a given that Interval House and shelters exist across the state of Connecticut or that you can call 211 at any time and get that information. But, oftentimes, it’s people who need that information who don’t have access to it. Any way that we can get it out there, far and wide, will help us let people know that, when they find themselves in those situations, help is readily available.”

Joining Rayna in spreading this awareness was Laura Lockwood from the Trinity College Women & Gender Resource Action Center and Sam McCarthy, a junior from Trinity, who works with the College’s new bystander intervention program, Green Dot, and is involved with Interval House in Hartford.

To watch the Facebook Livestream, click here.

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