Women Leaders of Today Advise Women Leaders of Tomorrow

February 22, 2017

Women Leaders of Today Advise Women Leaders of Tomorrow

GirlsInc_350x380.jpgA panel of successful women leaders shared their experiences with teen girls and young women in the Leaders of Tomorrow Mentoring & Empowerment Conference hosted by Girls Inc. of Western Connecticut (GIWCT) and sponsored by MacDermid Enthone. The event included a panel discussion of women presidents, including our own President Rhona Free, Ph.D., followed by workshop sessions and a career networking luncheon. During the panel discussion, President Free emphasized that young women should be confident that older women, who have already made progress in their careers, will want to provide help – not just advice – as they pursue educational and career opportunities. She shared her experience with the audience, “While advice is valuable, young women should know that women who have been in their shoes will be willing to make phone calls, provide referrals, and take action to help their younger counterparts get into the right college, get the right internship or summer job, and meet the people they should know in the industries they want to pursue. When this type of assistance is offered— accept it! Be grateful, be gracious, but accept these offers of assistance because having a more senior woman serve as your sponsor is even more important than her offering you advice.”Save

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