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Health Services

Take care of your health and well-being with our student health services - make an appointment today!

By appointment only, USJ Health Services supports the various health and wellness needs of our students by providing an array of services on campus.

  • We provide care for common illnesses and injuries
  • An appointment is not necessary for most services
  • A nurse practitioner and a registered nurse regularly staff our office
  • A physician consultant is available on a weekly basis to assist in student's care
  • There is no fee or insurance charge for most services provided in the office
  • Starting doses of over-the-counter and some prescription medications are available
  • Any full-time student who has submitted the required health records may use the office
  • Students do not have to be a participant in a school-affiliated insurance plan to receive services


Prepare for campus by reviewing student health insurance requirements.

All full-time undergraduate, residential, international, physician assistant and pharmacy students are required to maintain health insurance coverage while attending USJ.

A health insurance fee will be applied to the accounts of all students in the required categories in the fall and spring semesters of each academic year.

To receive a credit for this fee, students covered by another plan must perform an annual waiver procedure. International students are not permitted to waive enrollment unless the student is enrolled in a U.S. group plan arranged by the student's sponsoring entity.

Not all plans qualify for a waiver. If a student does not have existing coverage or is not eligible for waiver, then the student will be enrolled in the University affiliated plan with Gallagher Student Health.

The waiver can be easily accessed on MyUSJ from the "Quick Links" menu.

Graduate student and part-time undergraduates (registered for fewer than 12 credits) are not subject to the University insurance requirements unless specifically required by the student's academic program or the student is an international or residential student.


Janet Flink, MS, APRN, FNP-BC

Staff Nurse
Caroline Somers, RN, BSN

Administrative Assistant
Wanda Vazquez-Serrano


Health and Counseling Center
The Little Red House


For your rights and what you need to know to obtain information, support, and assistance options for sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, intimate partner violence and stalking visit MyUSJ/Sexual Misconduct.


Call 860.231.5530

Current USJ students can go to MyUSJ >> Student Life >> Health Services

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