The Xenia Program

A peer-led initiative providing customized support for students transitioning to college life

In Fall 2023, USJ launched The Xenia Program, where participating students experience an enhanced, year-long orientation with academic and social support to ensure a successful and enjoyable first year of college!

Program Criteria or Requirements

Xenia Meaning

“XENIA” meaning hospitality, “helping hand” or guest friendship, provides individual life skills, coaching, and social support to help new students navigate college life and the challenges of higher education. Through one-on-one peer coaching and group engagement, The Xenia Program fosters independence in all areas, from academic planning and success to social connection and self-care at no cost for the 2023-24 academic year.


The Xenia Program is a tailored and individualized life skills coaching program that provides readily available 1-on-1 support and helps students acquire critical skills needed to navigate higher education.  The program is beneficial to any student in need of personalized assistance in life, social, and executive function skills. 

Xenia Program students attend weekly one-on-one meetings with their Xen Guide/Life Skills Coach (LSC) in order to create and foster student growth and independence in the following areas:  

  • Academic Planning and Success  
  • Self-advocacy   
  • Social Connection   
  • Self-Care 


Abby-Lyn Dorman & Miriam Correa
Program Coordinators 

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